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“Turning Points"

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When things go wrong and we reach rock bottom, we have a choice: to stay in the depths of despair, or to stop, take stock and turn our lives around. These dark moments are our Turning Points and it is at these moments that we need the support of others.

‘I was offered the opportunity to share my story so that others facing addiction issues could take heart and realise that life isn't over for them. My message to everyone is to keep going, there is a solution and never give up even when the future looks totally bleak and black. You can change, you have a choice and there is always a way forward. This is also the message behind every single inspirational Turning Points’ story’.

The idea for the book was born just a year ago when Kate Cobb attended a workshop on how to write a book at the WIN conference in Paris. She realised she had a chance of getting these stories out into the world in order to help others struggling with change. She says, ‘Most of the women entrepreneurs I work with feel they have to do everything alone – so it was not only sharing with others but also banding together as a community that interested me. As editor of Turning Points I had the privilege to be in contact with 24 incredible women and hear their stories first hand. These authors now form an international community who work together to support each other, even though they didn't know each other before the book. Many of them, like me, live overseas.’ says Kate. You can follow the progress of the book at:  and follow us on

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