"Turning Points is a riveting read!  These stories read like best selling fiction, yet they are real people facing unbelievable circumstances.  These entrepreneurs have not only survived, they have risen up above their challenges like a phoenix! I found myself incredulous, and inspired by the courage and inner strength these women displayed. 

The resilience of the entrepreneurs featured in this book is humbling, and what's interesting to me is they did not go it alone. They credit the support of love ones, teachers, mentors and coaches with giving them the strength and guidance to overcome their circumstances. 

If you are an entrepreneur, or consider yourself a "survivor" in any way, this book is for you. Prepare to be lifted up! "

Holli Thompson, health and nutrition coach, author and broadcaster www.NutritionalStyle.com 

"If you're stuck in a rut in your life, "Turning Points" is the book to read. Women entrepreneurs talk honestly and courageously about their biggest challenges and how they overcame them and share their learning with us so we can benefit."

Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck, co-authors of bestseller, "The Love You Deserve: A Spiritual Guide to Genuine Love," www.ScottandShannonPeck.com

"An absolutely unique, inspirational book! Filled with personal accounts of huge challenges overcome. These women are amazing!"

Kimberly Smith, President, Powerful Parents, Powerful Lives,  www.acesforlife.com

“Real challenges overcome, real emotions along with buckets of good advice from the inspiring "Turning Points" women. Informative, insightful, compelling  – this is the stuff of motivational literature"

Cindy Prosor, Your Happiness Mentor,  www.OpeningDoorsWithin.com

"If you are looking for inspiration and affirmation, excitement and incitement you can find it all in this eclectic mix of amazing stories from all walks of life.

These 25 short action packed stories hang together as an inspiring quilt of different textures and contrasting tones.  The common threads running through all of the ‘Turning Points’ include self awareness, self belief and individuals becoming themselves."

Claire-Marie Boggiano,  chartered engineer, business change and people development professional,   and organiser of a live celebration of International Women's Day for over 300 participants on 8 March 2010 at The Manchester Monastery    www.manchesteriwd.co.uk

Rarely does a book find a way not only to take you on a personal life-changing journey, but also is able to give you shining examples of those who have gone before, to serve as guideposts shining their wisdom for you to light the pathway "Home."  This is such a book.  As you read each woman's journey, you will see with greater depth and understanding, the sacred journey within. 

Rose Cole, CNC, CNHP Natural health and nutrition consultant, mentor

"If you're scared of going for your dream, then read the stories of these inspirational women. They all have an amazing positive perspective to share about their challenging experiences and there is so much to learn from them. Highly recommended"

Cyndi Fine, from Stuck to Unstoppable—Mind Body Expert, www.cyndifine.com

“If you are planning on starting a business this is a must read! Real entrepreneurs giving you realistic accounts of their journey, the hardships and the joys. Packed full of wisdom.”  

Johanna McClain, Certified Business Coach and Certified Brand Strategist,  www.JohannaMcClain.com

"This book shows how ordinary people can overcome great odds, get inspired, turn things round and achieve their goals. Fantastic reading!"

 Melissa Evans, The Guru of Implementation, www.BrosheGroup.com

 "Talk about TURNING Points!!"  Every single one of these stories is a profound gift!  Not only to women, not only to entrepreneurs but to ANYONE who is up against a wall and yearning for the kind of inspiration and motivation that will provide the key to breaking through into the light! - I highly recommend especially the story by my colleague and friend Karin Volo - if her journey isn't about turning lemons into lemonade I don't know what is! - Angels are among us - they are RIGHT here in this very book!" 

Amethyst Wyldfyre, Destiny Mentor for the Empowered Messenger,  www.theempoweredmessenger.com

"An absolutely unique, inspirational book! Filled with personal accounts of huge challenges overcome. These women are amazing!"

Rae Luskin, the Healed Heart Expert, artist, teacher, activist and the author of Art From My Heart,  www.raeluskin.net

 “Any entrepreneur knows that when you take that risk to do what you love, there are days when you want to give up. Inspiring stories, like the amazing ones in this book, are what keep you going when all logic tells you to stop. This collection of tales of obstacles and overcoming is these women's generous gift to you; read it often and you will be inspired to reach levels in your business you previous thought impossible.”

Kristi Shmyr, The Goal Getting Ninja, www.GoalNinjas.com

“Inspiring, motivating, empowering – need I say more! This book is a must-read for women who are ready to make the leap into something new.  Learn from the wisdom of amazing women who have made choices, overcome adversity and done things their way.” 

Karen Williams, Amazon best selling author of The Secrets of Successful Coaches   www.thesecretsofsuccessfulcoaches.com

This book convincingly confirms that we can learn from all the experiences of our lives.    An inspiring and motivating read. I urge you to buy this book today.”

Debora McLaughlin, The Renegade Leadership Mentor, www.OpenDoorCoaching.com

“Wow, Turning Points is a book full of inspiration and hope.  If you are thinking you can't, think again and read this book. You won't want to put it down as you read the amazing journeys these women had, and how their own unique challenges gave birth to their dreams, passion, and success.  This book reveals the tenacity of the human spirit. If you're needing that push, nudge or inspiration, this is a must read.”

Joy Perreras, Relaxing the Feminine Mentor, www.relaxingintosuccess.com